We are a locally owned an operated company based out of Port Townsend,Washington. While considering how we could be a part of the solution for helping restore our economy and consumer trust during the Pandemic we decided it was time to offer the PermaSafe system® to a wider community. Originally marketed and developed to clean vehicles, the PermaSafe System® is also approved by the EPA to sanitize and disinfect schools,restaurants, offices, hospitals, retailers, public transportation, and homes. The PermaSafe System® is non-toxic making it safe for children, pets and food surfaces which is uncommon in the world of sanitization. We look forward to working with you. 


We are here to provide education, application and marketing. First, we want our clients to know how our disinfection, sanitation and antimicrobial protection system works. Second, we offer an application that gives a deep clean of their business, home or car as well as long term antimicrobial protection. Last but not least we provide you  with marketing materials to promote to your customers and employees what you are doing to keep them safe.